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2017-03-07 03:51:35

Link in profile for tickets to 7 March talk @NatGeo HQ in DC | Gelada monkeys (Theropithecus gelada) specialize on eating grass, but at the pristine Guassa Plateau in the Ethiopian Highlands, they have a more varied diet than anywhere else. | Head over to Nat Geo HQ this Tues (7 Mar) at 7pm to hear me and Vivek (@vivekvasivvv) give a talk on a decade of field experiences with these monkeys, and what it was like shooting a story for @natgeo alongside longtime collaborator and fellow photographer @tbfrost. #NatGeoLive #Ethiopia #Gelada #NatGeo

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2017-10-16 23:42:39

Checking out the Incredible Dr. Pol @ Nat Geo headquarters! #natgeolive

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2017-09-10 21:35:27

Video: @mikelibecki ...turn up the 🔊🔊🔊...popping and melting of the iceberg...under the arch! Yikes! Virtual Reality/360 behind the scenes/pre-stitched/pre-edited...one of my continuous goals/dreams, and also something I feel that is a responsibility/duty, is to share the magic, power and beauty of our Mother Earth from the perspective of my expeditions/adventures and the unique ways my equipment allows me to interact with our planet...stay tuned for the full VR experience with @natgeo @natgeolive...this is going to be another step closer to bringing you as close as possible to actually going with me/being there without actually doing so... @kingmargaret #natgeo #natgeolive

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2016-12-15 17:56:51

#StephenPetranek ve @clempoidatz sahnede moderatörümüz @selmaergecofficial'a eşlik ediyor. #NatGeoLive #MARS #NationalGeographic #NatGeo

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2017-05-17 11:18:31

#Repost @bertiegregory ・・・ A pair of curious raccoons investigate my camera. If you've enjoyed watching Wild_Life (link in my bio if you've missed any episodes) and would like a couple more stories from the filming. Check out a new extract from my Washington #NatGeoLive presentation now on Youtube. Go on Youtube and search, 'bertie gregory nat geo live', look for the thumbnail with the wolf. Have a great day! @natgeo @natgeowild

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2017-10-17 19:49:05

This morning, @stevewinterphoto shared his adventures photographing big cats with Buffalo Public Schools students. Tonight, he'll share them with you at Kleinhans at 7. #natgeolive #bigcats #stevewinterphoto

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2017-10-19 02:36:33

#NatGeoLive View from above #loveTheSky

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2017-10-18 04:55:35

Had the privilege, tonight, of meeting this man - the @NatGeo legend, photographer, photojournalist, challenge taker & remarkable big cat conservationist @SteveWinterphoto during the @NatGeoLive speaker series @KleinhansMusicHall. If you like big cat photos and National Geographic, you've seen his work. Made my decade. I scribbled so many notes. I can't wait for the next one! Until then, I will devour this remarkable collection of photos (www.tigersforeverbook.com). And in true wildlife photographer fashion, this post just wasn't complete without a real cat, so she popped in for a sec! #bigcatsforever #causeanuproar #natgeo #natgeolive #5forbigcats #tigersforever #savethetigersavetheworld #buffalove

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2017-10-19 18:49:43

‪What is scarier than launching on a rocket? Talking to 1,000+ middle schoolers! What a great group of kids! #MesaArtsCenter #NatGeoLive#ViewFromAbove

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