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2017-11-20 01:34:42

A Sunday Ride ✨ When I️ was about 6 years old I️ begged my parents to let me ride. Thinking it was a phase, my dad had me play softball, basketball, soccer, and participate in junior guards and join swim teams before finally giving in a few years later. I️ kept up most of those sports but truly fell in love with being on horseback. I️ spent almost every day after school and every single weekend at the barn (my parents finally gave me a phone because I️ kept accidentally getting left at the stables due to the miscommunication of which family member was going to pick me up). In high school, people ditched to go smoke weed. I️ took classes at the community college (which were double credits) so I️ could go to class less and ride more. And my first horse came with me to Cal Poly. Though I️ no longer have my own, being in the saddle is like coming home. Oh, and when I️ left for college, my dad and mom finally got their own horses. (Hah!) And pops and I️ went for a cruise today. 💛

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2017-11-19 12:29:35

Sunday strolls be like. 🚶🏽 Happy Sunday! 📍Naked Island, Siargao.

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2017-11-19 09:35:10

Su gibi dingin ve huzurlu bir haftasonu 🌿

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2017-11-19 18:24:46

It was probably only around a 100 foot elevation climb until the scenery went from fall to winter wonderland as we continued to drive along this forest road.

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2017-11-19 13:43:06

We jumped on a plane 6 years ago today and life has never been the same! - I can never get enough of this video... he remembered me after 6 months apart! - #adoptionday #bestmemories #specialanniversary #herememberedme #mommylife

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2017-11-19 15:18:09

walking on another planet..🌑 - kilometrelerce düzlüğün böyle yemyeşil yosunlarla kaplı olduğunu düşünün. arka planda bir ses sürekli olarak ‘nereye düştüm ben böyle?’ diyor..😄 #iceland

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2017-11-20 02:02:49

On this 100°F day, we scrambled down the dusty trail to Panther Falls. Unbeknownst to us, the snowmelt cools the ravine like a refrigerator. The water is so cold, that a few steps to get from one side to the other left my feet aching to the bone! . . . . . #nature_brilliance #EarthVisuals #mthrworld #welivetoexplore #natureaddict #naturediversity #ourplanetdaily #earth_deluxe #instanaturelover #nature_prefection #allnatureshots #unlimitedplanet #keepitwild #wanderlust #keepexploring #hiking #neature #waterfall #chasingwaterfalls #outside_project #waterfallsfordays #lifeofadventure #pnw #thatpnwlife #pnwonderland #greatnorthcollective #upperleftusa #northwestcreatives #pantherfalls

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