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2017-10-17 23:48:40

// Eye Contact With Jax. Read On↓ - - - A lavender garden separated me and Jax the husky. But were we really separated? Like the strongest WiFi 📡 you had ever used, we were wirelessly connected with eye contact.I have also looked into the eyes of wolves and bears 🐻 this year, at times with the help of a EVF. - - - I took 5 photos in a second and then made eye contact with Jax for another. A second earlier, I peered into the eyes of a wolf. 👁 What made this different? Why can a organ so small, share so much about an animals thoughts. With the help of facial muscles at times. - - - With the wolves I sensed uncertainty. 🐺 A lack of complete trust in a 6’3 male human. An abusive childhood was to blame. Jax remained so focused, posing like a model for my camera. Maybe it was the focus light on the camera. - - - Or maybe the fact that his owners from @projectwildsong and a few photographers were also bidding for his attention behind me. 📸The trust was there though. In his baby blue eyes you saw a playful pup, giving me just as much respect as i gave him.

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2017-10-18 03:32:14

What does Bucketwheat flower mean? ( Lover ) --- Goblin

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2017-10-17 23:10:24

@mikeborchard says, "First sunset in Bolivia did not disappoint. Rainy season is soon approaching at the worlds largest salt flats! Between the months of November to March the Salar turns into endless 360 reflective views. Are you ready to visit? Tag your travel squad! Email us to info@visitsoam.com with any questions regarding your trip! #VisitSouthAmerica #ExperienceBolivia @experiencebolivia

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2017-10-18 02:42:39

Some mornings are for climbing mountains, some are for sitting in bed watching Netflix and drinking coffee, this one started with a 5am wakeup for a girls trip to Emerald Lake with @tashwood and @marisaanderson. We paddled around the lake for hours taking photos and laughing as water slowly seeped in. There wasn’t really any conversation about careers or family or the everyday stresses we face. We each needed this break from real life for different reasons and it didn’t matter what they were, for a morning we were able to just be three girls from a small town in a sinking canoe. ⠀ ⠀ 📷 - @rockin_a_photo

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2017-10-17 22:11:23

Purple rain☂️

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2017-10-17 17:06:25

What was that song again.. "Bedouins .. just wanna have fun"? Afternoons in Wadi Rum, @visitjordan. What does the camel might think? #visitjordan 🇯🇴

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2017-10-18 00:08:22

Beaches may draw visitors to San Diego, but the city has an abundant amount of canyons too. At this cottage, you’ll be nestled among them––away from the bike filled boardwalks, but luckily, not too far from fish tacos. Your pup will appreciate the peace and quiet too, that is, if he doesn’t mind the occasional bird chirp or owl hoot. ⠀ Photo: @prettyproperquaint

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2017-10-17 09:30:33

Chasing sunset ❤️🏃🏻‍♀️ @visitcopenhagen #visitcopenhagen

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2017-10-17 09:21:30

Royal Danish Library @visitcopenhagen #visitcopenhagen

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2017-10-17 22:41:18

Courtesy of @_kynes_ Admins: @takemyhearteverywhere ✤ Prague, Czech Republic 🇨🇿 Tag your best travel photos with #travellingthroughtheworld

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