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2017-10-23 23:13:49

The Secrets of Sleep: #Sleep is a "New Status Symbol", Says the #NewYorkTimes . All #Lifeforms (Even Plants) Need It. But Why? ~ https://buff.ly/2l2tq4u ~ NOTE: Beginning with my next post, there will be a way for you to easily click through to the articles that these pictures come from, so you can read them. I'll do that the same way I'm currently doing it on my main profile ( @justinaptaker ) ⠀ "Sleep, according to the Sunday Style section of the Times, is a new status symbol, a sign of prosperity and control in a frenetic world. And, as if to confirm that sleep science is an important, even trendy field, this year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine went to three researchers who deciphered the genes responsible for regulating our circadian rhythms. Still, although we may know more about sleep than ever before, it remains one of the most enigmatic phenomena in our daily lives. “Why do all forms of life, from plants, insects, sea creatures, amphibians and birds to mammals, need rest or sleep?” Meir Kryger asks in his new book, “The Mystery of Sleep” (Yale). Kryger, a professor at Yale Medical School, is a leader in the field of sleep medicine, and has treated more than thirty thousand patients with sleep problems during a career that spans four decades. He draws on this voluminous clinical experience in his book, which is an authoritative and accessible survey of what is known, what is believed, and what is still obscure about normal patterns of sleep and the conditions that disrupt it. As he readily admits, “No one has been able to declare with certainty why all life forms need sleep.”⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ #consciousness #dreams #sentience #phenomenology #consciousnessstudies #sleeping #wakefulness #dreaming #REM #REMsleep #sleepscience

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2017-08-10 04:34:48

S1 hazzyclothing!!!! I also have white ones with black decal I can tye-dye let me know soon!! hmu for more information. @not.tonyhxc @hazzyclothing #staywoke #philosophyofmind #stocktonca #franklin #HS

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2017-10-20 21:42:20

Can we know what it is like to be a bat? This question has nested uncomfortably in my thoughts... #philosophyofmind #essay #philosophystudent #deadlines

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2017-09-17 13:47:10

Idealism: this dandelion is just an idea in my mind. Dualism: this dandelion is physical and separate from my mind. Materialism: both the dandelion and me are made of the same stuff. #philosophyofmind #dandelion

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2017-09-08 23:50:03

Everyone reading this seriously needs to get a copy of this book. ✨💭📘 Two years ago I got a high distinction for my "philosophy of mind" subject, yet I have no idea how because I've never sat in a class and been so mind fucked by anything, plus I didn't find a single philosopher's work that I particularly liked (and believe me I read heaps). But THIS 🙌🏼 This book resonates with me SO MUCH. I've been writing notes as I go, there are so many things that I agree with relating to philosophy of mind and mind body dualism, plus it's completely shifted my understanding of the concept of time. Safe to say I recommend this to anyone regardless of whether you're a philosophy nerd or just looking to shift your way of thinking about yourself, life, & the human experience. #thepowerofnow #eckharttolle #philosophyofmind #mindbodydualism #powerofnow

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2017-08-08 08:00:38

"Alam Pikir Melayu : Akal Budi" #PhilosophyOfMind #FilsafatAkalBudi . . . Suku Melayu secara historikal sering menggunakan atau mengungkapkan dalam ragam ekspresi bahasanya yang selaras dengan aspek budaya dan alam pikiran mereka. Alam pikiran sosio-kultural Melayu ini merangkum atas akal-pikiran, akal-budi, alam, ilmu yang secara tampak dalam siratan relasi Alam-Manusia-Tuhan. Manusia secara utuh mengerahkan segala daya upaya akal dan hatinya untuk dekat dan berinteraksi dengan Alam dan Tuhan. Titah "khalifah" dalam memegang amanah dan tanggungjawab untuk menjaga alam ini. Dari segi pertuturan, alam pikir Melayu juga erat pada persoalan sifat kesantunan. Santun yang secara maknawi yakni halus budi bahasa atau "berbudi pekerti" dan berusaha menghindari konflik antara penutur dan pendengar dalam proses berbahasa atau berkomunikasi. Adapun takrifan dari kata "santun" dipahami sebagai penggunaan bahasa yang baik, sopan, beradab, memancarkan pribadi mulia dan menunjukkan penghormatan kepada teman bicara. Sehingga tidak salah, Hamka -pemikir besar Nusantara- menyatakan bahwa kecantikan yang abadi terletak pada keelokan adab dan ketinggian ilmu seseorang, bukan terletak pada wajah atau pakaian. Akal budi Melayu diderivasikan pada perlakuan keseharian yang tercermin dari tingkah laku perbuatan yang secara kultur Melayu mengakar dalam sistem kemasyarakatannya. Membahas konsep akal budi ? Filsafat akal budi ? Mungkin butuh waktu dan kesabaran bahas dan daras untuk memahaminya. Jadi, bersabarlah dalam bahas juga daras. . . . #TanahMelayu #KepulauanAnambas 📷: Melayu KW Ori

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2017-02-17 09:21:03

In reality there's is only one view through life, your mind leads your body through its path... Embrace the real you, face your reality and you will never be scared of moving forward #keyword #philosophyofmind # my fellow philosophers will surely know where am coming from #Greatthinkers #📌📌📌myloveforhertho#@vickkybim

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2017-05-24 01:45:37

Na espera #philosophy #philosophyofmind #danieldennett

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2017-10-18 17:06:12

Taking an old university book for a spin #philosophyofmind #timcrane

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2017-09-18 17:13:33

Human self-reflection: The capacity of humans to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about their fundamental nature, purpose and essence. 🔮🔎 #philosophyofmind #whatsyourpurpose #domore #wantmore

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2017-08-07 16:04:08

In our current issue Kelvin McQueen asks whether minds could directly influence physical reality - visit philosophynow.org to subscribe #philosophynow #issue121 #radicaltheoriesofconsciousness #consciousness #philosophyofmind

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