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2017-10-20 13:00:45

Hellö weekend🙌 @koton 'un tayt desenlerine bayılıyorum, tam da ruh halim gibi canlı ve renkliler. Ne kadar esnek ve rahat olduklarından bahsetmiyorum bile.😏 👊@koton@pilatesistanbul #koton #kotonsport #ebrusalliloveskotonsport

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2017-10-19 06:53:54

▪️Post 2️⃣ of 2️⃣ #fullbodyworkout to lengthen strengthen & challenge that all important #mindbody connection ✨ ▪️So in this 2nd planking sequence I’ve added some supine work to challenge the Centre from all angles.. ▪️So much of the sequences I love to create are inspired by numerous other incredible IG teachers.. ▪️My biggest ‘shift’ to begin thinking outside my beloved #classicalpilates repertoire, was the brilliant #artofflow series engineered by amazing @travelingpilatesinstructor 💕& @pilatesbynancy 💕▪️Their beautiful flows simply blew my mind, & gave me that visual cue to translate all I love about good movement into something which felt good & was beautiful to watch.. ▪️The front plank additions of this sequence here have come from gorgeous Shaina @riverrushfitness 💕▪️Those knee bends & single leg extension dips are awesome, & really challenge the return to ‘neutral’ after each rep ✔️▪️ So, as with my 1st flow on Tuesday, the same principles apply.. ▪️The focus being to achieve balance through front & back lines with a long & strong #powerhouse supporting inbetween ▪️This length is first & foremost through the trunk/powerhouse & from there, the levers lengthen away as far as powerhouse allows ✔️▪️Try to move too big too soon, or before powerhouse is strong enough to accommodate the bigger movement, & so balance is lost, & compromised movement patterns can develop.. ▪️So as it is with this beautiful pilates journey, begin from the inside to secure your foundation, & gradually work your way out, right to the very ends of those fingers & toes!! 🤗🤸🏻‍♀️🤗😘💕💕💕▪️1:1 Pilates Instruction available worldwide via Skype ✨🌏✨Please see link in Bio for full details ▪️Happy Thursday! 😘🙏🏻❤️ #pilatesinstructor #pilatesstudio #pilates #pilatesfit #pilatesbody #pilatespower #pilatesinspiration #pilatesworkout #mindfulmovement #moveoftheday #pilatesgirl #pilatesmat #plank #pushup #pilateslife #pilatesstyle #pilatestv #pilateseveryday #coreworkout #abs #glutes #fitspiration #fitgirl #ksjbodycontrolskype #ksjbodycontrol

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2017-10-20 14:30:54

This crazy ass move is inspired by the one and only @informedtechnique 😜 Video is sped up •• Another fun post for #pilatesandpets @liftedpilates @informedtechnique 😻

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2017-10-20 15:37:10

❤️H E A R T..O P E N E R.. Stretch those tight pecs & shoulders, & handstand prep 🤙🏼Inspired by @monene_name and thinking of #100daysofhandstands lead by @gillylithgow_pilates & @nothingbutpilates And besides, it feels so good to stretch the shoulders and pecs here. In a day and age where we spend far too much time bent over and forward, this stretch is both challenging and relieving to open the heart and create more flexibility in the shoulders, trying to send them back behind the head. This is also a great warm up before going up into handstands, as strong shoulders are required as well as flexible and open ones. 👍🏼 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ✨Tips : 🔺When leaning forward think: release 🔺When pulling back into vertical alignment think: engage! Draw the abdominal wall in and back so as not to overstress fronts of shoulders 🔺To work the arms: step forward, almost underneath the ball, find a moderate stretch you can hold and extend & bend arms overhead in that stretch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~✨✨✨ . . . #GoneAdventuringPilates #pilatesbrasil #pilateslovers #pilatesinstructor #pilateseveryday #pilatesbody #fitideas #yogalife #yogafit #fitball #anytimeanywhere #pilatesinspiration #pilateslife #toneitup #beinspired #corestrength #fullbodyintegration #movementforhealth #artofmotion #functionaltraining #corechallenge #yogatime #artofflow #flexigirl #flexibilitytraining #pilatesfit #balancedbody #stretch #movewell

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2017-10-21 04:51:46

Saw this tough exercise sequence by @heatherandersen_ and @sianmarshallpilates and just had to try😍 Ladies you made it look so easy!! So strong on the glutes, triceps, obliques and core💪🏾 . 4 Week Challenge starts Oct 30! Register by clicking on the link in the bio above!

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2017-10-21 04:51:46

Saw this tough exercise sequence by @heatherandersen_ and @sianmarshallpilates and just had to try😍 Ladies you made it look so easy!! So strong on the glutes, triceps, obliques and core💪🏾 . 4 Week Challenge starts Oct 30! Register by clicking on the link in the bio above!

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2017-10-20 06:04:00

{eng. below} Günaydın ☀️ Bugün dikkatinizi Dünya Osteoporoz Günü'ne çekmek istiyorum ☠️ Kemiklerimizi korumaya almanın en direkt yolu etrafındaki kasları güçlendirerek bir nevi kalkan görevi yaratmak, Pilates en dersin sabitleyici kasları kuvvetlendirmekte birebir olduğu için mutlaka egzersiz programınızda yer almalı ✋🏻 Biliyorsunuz özellikle kalça kırıkları yaşlılıkta en sık rastlanan ve kırık sonrasında çok çektiren bir durum. Pek çok insan kalça kırığından sonra yardımsız yürüyemez duruma gelebiliyor ☹️ Bunu önleyebilmek için mutlaka kalça çalışın. Bu orta/ileri köprü serisi tam da bu iş için, yuvarlak kalkık popolar yaratması da işin cabası 😉 Hadi sen de bugün #pilatesyap 💪🏻 #okadarbasit • In honor of World Osteoporosis Day, I am sharing my favorite glute workout on the mat to raise awareness for strong bones 💪🏻 Bridge series are great to spot any imbalance and stability issues on the hips. Plus they burn so good 😎 Thank you @buffbones for bringing the #pilatescommunity together and raise awareness to this important issue 🙌🏻🙏🏻 #itsthatsimple

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2017-10-20 21:02:11

I first started Pilates because it had been recommended to me to help me with my back pain. I had planned to use Pilates as to help strengthen my physical body to get me back to dancing - I never could have imagined it's power in retraining my movement patterns and strengthening my mental state... And as they say, the rest is history! ✨ . . . Why did you start Pilates? What brought up to this magical system that we all now adore?! Share your experiences in the comments below, I would love to hear! ✌🏼💛✨ . . @onehotyoga wearing @nimbleactivewear

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2017-10-20 12:17:33

▪️An essential principle to understand about the Pilates technique- is that you are working the body from the INSIDE ↔️ OUT - range of movement is only as beneficial as you can stabilize important joint structures 🌀 Your body is your mind map - keep checklisting - the brain wanders easily ✖️✖️✖️ 🎥 This exercise works all the essential components of local and global stabilization ▪️ Intentionally activate knee extensors with control, straightening knee fully without hypertension ◾️ Activation of TvA as a support structure and girdle of strength ▪️Avoid sinking into the shoulders and rotating shoulders internally - shoulder girdle stabilization is essential ▪️Lengthen the crown of the head to the ceiling and do not tilt chin upwards ▪️Keep rib cage connected and Obliques engaged ◾️The amazing breath is your foundation to find the center and avoid tension and muscle compensation ➰ Please check @pilatesbynatasha for a similar beautiful #magiccircle routine 💟 - - - #pilateslovers #pilatesstrong #fitideas #wholesystemchallenge #balancedbody #beactive #fullbodyworkout #pilatesreformer #corestrength #artofmotion #pilatesinspiration #corechallenge #coreworkout #splits #pilateseveryday #loveyourbody #dancer #stretch #artofflow #flexigirl #pilatesbody #pilatesinstructor #pilates #functionaltraining #yogatime #fullbodyworkout #fullbodyintegration #corestrength #movementforhealth #pinkribbonprogram #breastcancerawareness

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2017-10-21 02:31:50

Not sure what to do for end of year break up parties? Want to shake things up a little? Why not hold a Corporate Pilates Class, just like our friends @greengrotto did? Call us for more information 🙌 #groupclass #corporate #organicpilates

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