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2017-10-21 06:27:53

I like to teach in progression so we allow the mind & body to connect . Once we build strength & are familiar with the exercise we can add on intensity & variations to target more muscle groups . I always encourage my beautiful clients to work at own pace, energy levels on the day & don’t force anything . 🎬1st clip: shows fundamental movement of moving the Swiss ball in & lifting as we prepare body / abdominals, gluteus muscles, backmuscles & triceps pressing into mat . 🎬2nd clip: we add a leg lift then return in to go back out with strength & lift other leg whilst maintains stability & balance on the ball . 🎬3rd clip: we hold leg lifted & pulse with hip lifts square to the sky as we fire 🔥 up glutes , core & back extensors . Always maintain flowing breathe , alignment & control of total body . #pilatesway #pilatesstyle #pilateswithsusan #pilatessculptntone #pilstesandprops #teaching #pilatesteacher #swissball #movement #health #lifefitness . . . Clip sped up to show whole series . Please go slow with deep breathe & squeeze of glutes . Approx 8 to 10reps off each exercise 👌

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2017-10-21 04:51:46

Saw this tough exercise sequence by @heatherandersen_ and @sianmarshallpilates and just had to try😍 Ladies you made it look so easy!! So strong on the glutes, triceps, obliques and core💪🏾 . 4 Week Challenge starts Oct 30! Register by clicking on the link in the bio above!

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2017-10-19 09:11:09

Bem assim mesmo... rs #simborapilatear #bomdia

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2017-10-20 21:21:23

"These hips don't lie!" Our final day of our campaign for World Osteoporosis Day and we thought we'd share (or co-opt 😀) a new icon in NYC for our cause. Let's change the discussion of bone health to consider not only treatment but prevention. And that begins in childhood. Remember that today with the kids in your life. This skeleton is gonna last a lifetime. 💕 • If you missed our Facebook Live event this afternoon you can catch it on our Facebook page. Some helpful info about bone health and exercises that can help everyone. • Thanks for all your support his week in our awareness campaign! • #buffbones #loveyourbones #WorldOsteoporosisDay #buffbones2017 #bonestrength #mobility #movementmatters

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2017-10-21 06:36:17

Seeing as next Saturday there is no class, today we use the ring. That post-class muscle ache needs to last a fortnight after all... see you at 8am! #cliffordstudios #cliffordstudiossw13 #pilates #pilatesteacher #pilatesstrong #ring #toningcircle #pilateswithprops #ringoffire #weekendworkout #everyoneactive #beactive

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2017-10-20 22:33:40

Vem que vem sexta sua linda!! E que tal esse super alongamento com aquele fortalecimento básico de ABS hein!? #pilateslovers #pilatesbrasil #pilatesbody #pilateslife #pilatesfit #pilatescomamor #pilatesgirl #pilatesday #pilatesteacher #pilatesnaveia #geracaopilates #focanopilates

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2017-10-20 20:05:20

⛅Our rooftop #KettlebellWorkout with @b.b.gunz 💪😍 🔥 #kettlebellswings 🔥 #suitcasedeadlifts 🔥 #onelegdeadlift 🔥 #CossackSquats 🔥 #bentpress Plus the #turkishgetup that I posted a while ago 😊👊Can't wait to workout with you again babe 💖💕💗👭

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2017-10-20 20:57:00

#FF Flow for your #Fri -yay! 💫 . . . As you look towards your busy weekend try to find some time for you! Stretching is one of the best ways to combat stress and fatigue. It also gives you a chance to reconnect with your body. The great news about stretching is all you need is about 10 minutes and a small floor space without too much distraction. Simple rules to follow to be successful at stretching 1. Always do a brief warm up before stretching. Better to be safe then sorry so to avoid injury make sure you have marched in place or taken a brief walk. 2.If you stretch the front, also stretch the back of what ever limb or body part you are working with, balance in all things. 3. A good amount of time to hold a stretch is 3 deep relaxing breaths 4. Don't stretch with tension. Let your calm breath help to relax any tension in your body. 5. Don't push it. Take your time and appreciate that greater flexibility is a journey.

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2017-10-20 17:30:41

• • • Tendon Stretch By Request • • • 🔊SOUND ON🔉 So many of you have asked for posts of me teaching and my client @lkraines was kind enough to agree. I LOVE using this prep! It so helps maintain proper form! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A few things you need to know: 🔑: This is not her first time doing #tendonstretch 🔑 This is how I teach - for real, not for the camera, when a client is advanced, knows the #exercise in the general sense and now we take the time to dig deeper and refine the work. 🔑 It’s called Tendon #stretch - pull your toes up to get that stretch! 😊 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Would love to hear your thoughts on this post! #pilates #pilatesinstructor

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