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2017-10-16 22:37:39

Releva, porque o que não faz bem pra mente o tempo leva! 🍂🙏🏼🖤 #photooftheday

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2017-10-16 19:53:37

What makes this #armworkout extra special and unique? I’m using @eggweights ❣️ Thanks so much, Christian, for my #eggweights - I’m having a blast finding ways to use them in #pilates to help increase the difficulty of the #excerise while using a much less cumbersome weight! My clients are loving them too! #pilatesteacher #weighttraining

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2017-10-16 06:16:48

Günaydın 💫 Haftaya biraz hareket ile başlayalım ✌ #pilateslife #pilatesreformer @sportizpilates

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2017-10-14 15:54:48

ЛУЧШЕЕ УПРАЖНЕНИЕ ДЛЯ ОСАНКИ. . Без хорошей осанки ни ровный живот, ни стройные ноги красиво смотреться не будут. Согласны? Тогда ставим ❤️ и читаем дальше👇🏼. . ✅Сделайте 5 раз небольшое разгибание, направляя взгляд вперёд. ✅И по 3 раза с небольшим поворотом туловища и головы. 👆🏼Все, как я показываю на видео. . ❗️Чтобы пояснице было комфортно, необходимо делать акцент в упражнении именно на вытяжение всего тела: от головы до пальцев ног. ❤️Вопросы, комментарии, плюсики за хорошее видео оставляем ниже🙏🏻 . 🙏🏻Больше упражнений для самостоятельных занятий дома здесь #pilates_flow_home

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2017-10-16 19:20:59

🙋🏼Happy news: I officially became a certified Pilates Instructor @mntstudio last Friday🎉🎈So grateful for all the love and support from my biggest life/work/Pilates inspiration @elainerhayes and the MNT family. Also feeling like a little 🐣, very excited & anxious about what’s next and my new career. Sending a big high five to all the women going after their own dreams! 🤗We CAN do it!

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2017-10-16 15:23:43

"My hips don't lie" 🎶 C H A L L E N G E This Friday is World Osteoporosis Day! 💪 As you may know I was diagnosed with #osteoporosis when I was 28, and I've been fortunate to improve my bones throughout the years. But I've been on a bone-strengthening and #balance mission ever since - for myself and for the world 📢 - with a touch of humor in tow. 😄 • Join me all this week to raise awareness and post a photo or video of your favorite hip strengthening exercise or pose to support strong bones! Tag @gotbuffbones and use hashtags #buffbones #loveyourbones #WorldOsteoporosisDay ❤️ • And yes, my shirt does say "Did you Buff your Bones Today?"😉 • #buffbones2017 #bonestrength #mobility #movementmatters #pilatesinstructor #yogi #dancer @kinectednyc

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2017-10-17 01:30:16

Check out the Halloween goodness we have in store for you with this fun crew! Stay tuned for October 31!🎃👻 #Repost @katieraemeyers ・・・ The Halloween shenanigans continue for @saliveksat! Today’s skit: The Golden Girls. I can’t wait to share our Halloween show with y’all! It’s going to be the best yet! (P.S. We’re so lucky to have friends like @inbalancesa who play along with us!)

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2017-10-17 05:52:24

#repost @sukounwellness Best advice I read in a while احسن نصيحة قريتها 👍🏻 #اشتري_دماغك ____________________ #fitum #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #lifemoto #healthylifestyle #yoga #pilates #riyadhyoga #yogateacher #pilates #pilatesteacher #riyadhpilates

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2017-10-16 23:42:03

Quer exercício completão? Pega aí! Prancha, parada de mão, equilíbrio e força de MMSS e MMII,tudo junto e misturado #pilateslovers #pilatesbrasil #pilatesbody #pilateslife #pilatesfit #pilatescomamor #pilatesgirl #pilatesday #pilatesteacher #pilatesnaveia #geracaopilates #focanopilates

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