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KB and barbell work. 🙅‍♂️ #functionalpatterns #functionaltraining #posture #tool #kaui #hawaii #kettlebellworkout

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Type "YES" if you like it👌 Take care of your silhouette. Watch video and try out exercises. 💯👍 Visit and follow my profile for more healthy info.👇Comment below 👇 📷 belongs to @brightgram #body #happy #health #healthy #healthcare #healthybody #healthylife #healthyliving #fitness #posture #mildfulness #stressfree #rehab #meditation #positive #life #medicine #therapy #mentalhealth #healthymind #fit #follow #followme #woman #fitfam #backpain #doctor #video #exercise

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Real Life 🆚 Instagram ⤵️ Double tap ❤️ if you think she looks great in both 👍🏻 . I saw this amazing picture from @imrececen and it was really eye opening 😱 . People spend hours worrying about what they look like because they see 'perfect' physiques and bodies on Instagram and in magazines ✅ . What they don't realise is that everyone has their downfalls and filters , body and posture positioning and Photoshop all have parts In social media 🙄👈🏻 . The perfect body is the one YOU have, learn to love yourself and become the best version of YOU 🔥 nobody else 👌🏻 . #bodyimage #loveyourself #bbg #bbgcommunity #body #abs #workout #fitfamuk #fitfam #fitspo #bootybuilding #bootyfordays #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #posture #posing #photoshop #igfitness

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2017-10-21 01:37:59

Boost your bench press☝🏼️ — 📝This 1.5 rep move is one of my favorites as a burn-out / metabolic stress driver for upper body hypertrophy. . 🙋🏽‍♂️If you have pain or weakness in the bottom of your bench press, take the time to do these and purposefully do not arch your back. I am pressing my low back into the bench to force myself to stretch my pecs. This is kind of a strict press. . 🤕The 1.5 rep can be a restorative movement for pec rotator cuff tendinopathy as long as it’s not done too aggressively. This will open up your chest. . ☠️Another use for the 1.5 rep scheme is power training. If done with 2 or 3 reps, this can be used as a dynamic or speed movement. With this application, lifters will try to use the stretch shortening cycle and bounce to create a very fast (almost cheating) pressing motion. . 🔥In this video I’m using a light weight at the end of my pressing working sets. I like to go closer grip on incline even when I’m pressing heavy. This sits more friendly with my shoulders. . 🎵Drunk Pedestrians - Mean . #TeddyTalksShoulders #TeddyTalksTraining #StrengthCoachTherapy

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SITTING WITH MORE AWARENESS: 💺💺💺 Active🆚Passive Sitting _ Follow @diytraining for DAILY fit tips _ Post by: @repthereds _ Do you sit PASSIVELY? This is simply letting your joints, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments do all the work. ⚠️What could be the problem with this? ❌You're creating stability by simply hanging off your joints, bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. ❌Mechanically this can be very taxing because of the stress it imposes on your soft tissues. ❌You're limiting degrees of movement and immobility can grow overtime. . Try and sit more ACTIVELY! This has to do more with your muscles 💪🏼 ✅Create tension in the right muscles to be conscious of how you sit. ✅ You'll lessen the risk for muscle imbalances, joint stress, immobility, and poor movement! _ 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻 Tag a friend you know this might help! _ #back #posture #sitting #postureo #comparison #igfitness #fitnessaddict #fitspo #fitfam #gymfreak #backpain

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Episode 552: Closed Chain Tri-Planar Shoulder Muscle Function [Shoulder Strength/Control/Endurance] . What is the first joint that you loaded as a baby? Your Shoulders! It has been a while and it's time to get back to loading those shoulders! . Here are two closed chain exercises to help target the scapular stabilizers, especially the serratus anterior. Why closed chain? Full upward rotation of the scapula requires a serratus anterior manual muscle test (MMT) of just 3/5. Bearing this in mind, it can be concluded that poor scapular movement is often caused by poor motor control - not necessarily weakness!! -of the serratus anterior. A closed chain exercise is a great way to really feel this muscle activate by pushing AWAY from the floor. . Exercise 1 1️⃣Find an elevated surface in which you are able to stabilize unilaterally. The more elevated the surface the easier the exercise will be; the more horizontal, the more demand. Find a good challenge for yourself. 2️⃣There are three motions performed: ✅ Rock Back and Forward - Exaggerate the scapular upward rotation on the rock back portion of this movement. ✅ Rock Side to Side - Exaggerate the scapula protraction/abduction when rotating towards the opposite side. ✅ Rotation - You can go both clockwise and counter-clockwise here. Perform 10 repetitions of each of these for a total of 40 reps per shoulder! . Exercise 2 ✅ Start in a push-up position, or modified push-up position (on your knees) 1️⃣Staying light with the hand on the pad, begin rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise (attempt for 10 of each). ❌ Keep a straight line from your heels through your hips and to your shoulders. Make sure you stay rigid around the core to avoid any back sag or rotation. You can use an external cue over the lumbar spine to make sure you are keeping it neutral! 2️⃣From here, go into 10 overhead reaches and lateral reaches. . Note: The lighter you stay on the hand that is moving the more demanding this exercise is. Try it out and let us know your thoughts!

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2017-10-22 15:54:11

WHY ANKLE MOBILITY IS IMPORTANT!!! [dorsiflexion is key] . In my previous post I discussed squatting pain free check out this post by my boy @vinnierehab · 🤔Did you know that limitations in ankle dorsiflexion can seriously affect your functional and athletic capabilities? . ❌If you have limited ankle mobility, when you descend in a squat as you reach max dorsiflexion you will have to compensate by hip hinging or bending your back in order to go deeper. This is lead to the movement becoming more of a good morning exercise vs a squat! . ✅with proper ankle mobility, you will be able to keep your torso upright as you descend deeper in the squat . RAISE YOUR ✋🏼if you want me to create an ankle mobility protocol 🎥 for you guys this week!!! . #Myodetox #FutureProofYourBody #DeskboundTherapy #gymshark #mobilitywod #anklemobility #fitness #workout #crossfit #bodybuilding #fit #running #athlete #yoga #yogi #iifym #posture #powerbuilding #squat #powerlifting #garyvee #powerlifting #physicaltherapy #ukfitfam #aesthetic #bodybuilding #flexibledieting #toronto #Alphalete

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SHAKING UP YOUR CORE ROUTINE . Looking for a fun way to 🌶 spice up your ab worksouts? Now there is more than one way, but here is a fun little video I put together of 3 exercises you can do. . Couple things to keep in 💭 mind be sure to engage your core by keeping the ribs and pelvis locked together, don't hyperextend through your back, and don't forget to breath 😁 using your diaphragm. . The 🤸🏻‍♀️ exercises are: . 1️⃣Plank on a boat ball-you can hold these for time 3-4 x 30 sec - 1 min. 2️⃣Physioball knee tucks-these can be done for reps 3-4 x 10-20 reps. 3️⃣TRX marches-these can again be done for reps 3-4 x 10-20 reps. . Hope you all enjoy these! Find a 🙋🏻friend to do them with and have some fun. . 🎵"Getaway"-Yonee . . #Prehab101

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Leslie Howard with her instructional Pelvis, Sacrum and Breath via the Femur/Pelvic relationship... AWESOME! If you own a Pelvic Floor 🙄 get to one of her Workshops!

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FP Human Biomechanics Specialist Jose Rodriguez from @functionalpatternsspain showing how it's done. Rumor has it he is running group classes for people with herniated discs. They are working well. Yep, FP movements are the rehab when they are performed properly. It's great seeing things come together like this worldwide. Great job guys! #functionalpatterns #gains #anatomytrains #yogi #yoga #stretch #functionaltraining #POSTURE #prehab #rehab #athlete #biomechanics #flexibility #strengthtraining #flexible #abdominals #scoliosis #kyphosis #lordosis #scoliosis

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