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2017-11-21 11:13:49

9 month Pregnant and 9 weeks Postnatal 😃😃. . #TransformationTuesday It is so good to start feeling like myself again, 9 weeks postnatal! 💗 . Pregnancy is a magical moment, but it can be quite hard on our bodies and mind... specially when you have not 1 but TWO pregnancies in a space of a year!🙈🙈 . I was fortunate enough to have a healthy pregnancy and for that reason I was able to train up until 1 week before having Chloe. . Pregnancy and kids have taught me a lot about balance, and having a few treats from time to time allows me to have some quality time with my family, and it is essential for long term success of my fitness goals. 💪 .

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2017-11-21 13:46:46

It wasn’t ‘til I was around 34 weeks that I stumbled across some advice regarding sleeping on your side during pregnancy. I’m a back or front sleeper when not housing a small human in my tummy & I genuinely didn’t really think past the whole ‘how can I get comfy at night’ thing; I just didn’t know certain positions could be dangerous. As soon as I read up on the seriousness of it all, I made sure it was side or nothing. If I woke up on my back, I’d just roll myself straight back over and it started to become second nature anyway. This pillow helped too, as I could hug it while I dozed off and I’m so, so grateful I got to find out about it when I did. @tommys_thebabycharity are running the fantastic public health campaign #SleepOnSide to educate parents to be on the link between back sleeping & stillbirths & it’s just so, so important. It all kicked off yesterday (but I was mid Toddler Bum Gate) so I’m sure lots of you have already seen posts flying about, but I really wanted to make sure I put something out there too. Campaigns like this are essential and @tommys_thebabycharity, as usual, are doing a wicked sticks job #mymiloandme #sleeponside #pregnancy

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2017-11-21 09:19:31

Kartal pençesi yaparak doğan Umut bebek.. Günün anlam ve önemine uygun olarak paylaşalım .. #yavrukartal #bebek #gebelik #bebeksevgisi #pregnancy #blackeagle #instamood #instaphoto #birthphoto #mdk

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2017-11-21 09:58:13

🎄Egyik kedvenc képem, amit @kniezlflora csinált rólam. Nektek, hogy tetszik? ❤️ #happymommy #photo #pregnancy #boy

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2017-11-21 15:50:36

Officially 41 weeks today! 😱 This baby is really testing my patience, one week past due and it feels like an eternity, come on baby Capri, we want to meet you already! 👶🏻 #41weekspregnant #pregnancy #motherhood #babybump #10monthspregnant

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2017-11-21 13:51:53

Bommmm dia com #BolotinhaEMissFilhaNoEspelho ☺️❤️😍 Já estamos em casa amoras! ❣️ . Laurinha completou #31semanas no forninho nesse sábado! Tá passando rápido não é mesmo?? Sinto ela mexer cada vez mais e bem forte! É uma delícia! ❤️✨ Meus pés estão bem inchadinhos! Sei que preciso ficar com as pernas pra cima, mas quem consegue? 😅 . Agora vamos começar a reforma do quarto deles! Só estava esperando vender os móveis antigos. Tanta coisa linda chegando amorinhas!! ☺️❤️ Vou mostrar tudo pra vcs!✨ . E daqui a pouco tem o chá de fraldas que farei pra minha família e amigos!! Socoooorrooo que não dá nem tempo de pensar em ter preguiça 😅 . Bjs sabor bolotinha fazendo a foto no #lilifone dele é de engolir com o espelho e tudo neh? 😍💋💋💋

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2017-11-21 12:53:23

Un proverbio dice che una mamma che educa un bambino educa un uomo, una mamma che educa una bambina educa un popolo...in qualunque caso la responsabilità è così grande che forse per questo le nostre pance assumono la forma di un mappamondo, per ricordarci il dono e la forza che bisogna impiegarci, facendolo per il mondo intero, per l’universo tutto ❤️🌍 #mondo #babylanna2 #waitingforadelaide #globe #life #love #9mesi

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2017-11-21 10:03:50

Vallahi nasıl oldu bilmiyorum ama kendimi bir anda objektifin karşısında buldum. Güya bizim minik tırtıllar için çekim yapıyorduk 😊 Photo 👉 @gulumseyengebeler #anne #annebebek #annebebeksagligi #ikiz #ikizanneleri #ikizlerlehayat #ikizler #ikizbebekler #ikizanneleri #pregnant #pregnancy #twins #baby #gebe #gebelik #saglikliyasam #saglik #babyboy #instababy #instababies #igbabies #twins #baby #babyboys #family #bebek #bebekler #bebeklihayat #ikizlerleyaşam

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2017-11-21 15:50:26

Hello !! Je vous présente le petit faon tout doux de @tapealoeil qui accompagnera la noisette. Poke @thelittlewilds à défaut d'avoir l'un de tes adorables et sublimes faons, je me console avec celui-ci. Mais je l'aurais un jour... je l'aurais !!😘 Sinon les emplettes ont avancé, lit, table à langer, petits bodys... il va être difficile de rester raisonnable dans les achats, trop de mignonneries et de tentations 🙈🙊 Douce fin de journée et bisettes à tous 😙 . . #30sa #enceinte #babybump #pregnancy #unbebepour2018 #futurmaman #doudou #bidou #tao #tapealoeil #faon #mignonnerie #novembre

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2017-11-21 15:50:53

I took a pregnancy test so I could find out if I am pregnant or not. Honestly I was hoping that I was indeed pregnant. That way I'd have undeniable evidence that HE had sex with me and that way he had 2 choices: tell the jury that he raped me so I can have an abortion OR he'd have to pay me a lot of child support. Believe me, he'd rather tell a jury that he raped me rather than have a child with me... sadly I'm not pregnant. #depressedgirl #depression #depressed #depressedteen #sad #cry #alone #leave #crying #quote #quotes #tumblr #tumblrquote #depressionquote #cut #pregnant #pregnancy #teenpregnancy #metoo #rapevictim #teacher #abortion #unhappy #anorexia #bullimia #lonely

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2017-11-21 14:27:53

“Aren’t you worried about your body being ruined?” . “I’ve gained so much weight while pregnant and hate my body!” . “You were so fit before, how do you deal with being so much bigger now?” . - These are some of the comments I’ve received while I’ve been pregnant. . I think this is an important topic to talk about & you may have seen my insta story touching on this last night. . I am so incredibly grateful to be pregnant with my baby girl that I really don’t care about having more fat, swelling and cellulite. It’s only temporary and isn’t important - I can get my fitness back when I’m ready. What IS important is that my baby and I are both healthy. Gaining weight/fluid/cellulite/stretch marks while pregnant is completely normal and healthy! Some people gain a fair bit of weight while others might not gain much at all. There’s nothing to be concerned about providing you’re healthy and your Doctor isn’t concerned of course! . So many women beat themselves up for gaining fat while pregnant that it becomes their focus and they end up not being able to enjoy their pregnancy. I really hope women can see past these physical changes and realise how amazing their bodies are for growing and supporting their baby. Yes pregnancy can be tough and it’s not that we don’t have a right to complain about our aches and pains, but I think it’s important we make sure we don’t miss out on enjoying the amazing parts of pregnancy. . Remember “normal” can be very broad, what is one person’s normal is totally different to another person’s. 😉 . Once again, I want to stress that comparing yourself to anyone else isn’t healthy. Appreciate what you’ve got and focus on your own journey and your beautiful baby. . You’re amazing, beautiful and worthy no matter how much fat you have. 😃😘 . 💗 Lots of love, X Em.

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2017-11-21 12:57:47

Bom Dia!! Fotinha para matar a saudades do barrigão de poucos dias atrás, com esse Pijama fofo da @arteempapel 😝 Aproveitar para te convidar à assistir ao vídeo que liberei ontem no Canal! Tirei as dúvidas mais frequentes de vocês em relação à minha gestação: Parto cesárea ou normal? Quem vai me ajudar com a Bella? E o Sexo na gestação? O rostinho da Bella, quando mostrar?? Essas e outras respostas no ar: https://youtu.be/jsCaNpel6-c (link clicável aqui no Perfil) . . . . #39semanas #pregnancy #embarazada #gestante #taisewalber #tbt

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