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2017-10-15 18:04:20

Serving hot meals with @senatorsalma to those who are in need. Thanks to @muslimwelfarecentre for providing this humanitarian service to Regent Park. #servinghumanity #mealsonwheels #regentpark #torontopoliceservice #howwedoittps

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2017-10-15 18:04:20

Serving hot meals with @senatorsalma to those who are in need. Thanks to @muslimwelfarecentre for providing this humanitarian service to Regent Park. #servinghumanity #mealsonwheels #regentpark #torontopoliceservice #howwedoittps

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2017-10-18 12:14:16

This is one of those pics which speak a 1000 words ..... We are blessed with amazing volunteers ! #rohingya #RohingyiaRefugees #bangladesh #SarbatDaBhalla #KhalsaAid #servinghumanity

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2017-05-07 06:40:06

A moving yet inspiring speech by #priyankachopra about child violence and how she uses her work, audiences and being a celebrity to help #endchildabuse is truly remarkable. It starts with each one of us to make the world a better place! Ours is not only to look beautiful during these events but to #bethechange and use our resources both financially and otherwise to help the most vulnerable, in this case #endchildabuse Thank you to all the wonderful people on these pictures who continue to contribute and inspire. ❤️🌍 #iambecauseyouare #servinghumanity scroll to see more🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️

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2017-04-01 04:31:31

Dr. J.Imti #thankyougod 🙏👼 #inthemaking #intern #savinglives #servinghumanity

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2017-10-17 14:46:12

The Interact Club team of MGN public school, Adarsh Nagar today visited Labour school to celebrate the auspicious festival of Diwali with these young bravehearts. The..... Labour school is run under the Pahal NGO founded by Prof. Lakhbir Singh. The Interact club members and some other Mgn students spent time with the students by playing, dancing, singing and making rangolis with them. The tale behind Diwali was also narrated. Eatables and books were also distributed. #servinghumanity #makingadifference #rotary #international #interact #club #ngo #diwalicelebrations

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2017-10-16 06:57:25

Sayz, Dear Colleague, have you been called names for giving back to HUMANITY? Have you ever thought of giving up on yourself? If Yes, STOP the thought immediately. I had been pondering on this for some time but was glad I saw an advert on air encouraging people to give and also inspire people around them. I am one of the few hundreds enjoying the dividends of giving. Yes, I can boldly say this. I give when I don't even have enough. It has worked and still working. And during my years of giving, I have heard and seen several comments towards me (Even from close friends). 1. Why the show off? 2. If you are giving and you want it accepted, do not post it online 3. It is staged et al. 😂 These and many more come from those expected to motivate you to do more but instead, they want you to join them because they can't do any of such. My message is simple and clear, the world is not worth living if you have so much and the person next to you has none. Kindness pays. Make someone smile this week and feel the joy that comes afterwards. Greatness lies within YOU. #PYAfrica #ServingHumanity

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2017-03-13 03:26:43

Nkm's 4th Orphanage visit. Visited Divine Light trust for the blind (oldest blind school of Karnataka) and Whitefield slum.. Thank you Chandan Shetty and Environmentalist Vijay Nishanth for joining us :) #happiness #nammakarnatakamemes #nkmofficial #servinghumanity

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2017-08-27 08:12:19

Students were made aware about the circumstances of the flood affected areas. They were encouraged to contribute their part by donating food items like pulses, rice etc. A whooping response of more than 250 kilos was received. And other items like salt, biscuits, flour etc. were also donated by the students. #Rotary #InteractClub #Rotarydistrict3011 #servinghumanity #interactclubaps

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2017-10-16 16:41:06

Help the poor and needy without expecting anything in return, but Allah's pleasure, that is true charity. #servinghumanity

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2017-08-11 15:30:34

Day 4 of the Africa Service Trip: As word continues to spread about our medical camp, we are seeing more and more people show up. Today we served 2328 people! Even with such large numbers our physicians and dentists are providing the highest quality of care to each patient. Along with this camp, some of the volunteers visited a local school and educated the kids about dental hygiene. There we provided 2,222 kids with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Lastly, we visited a children's hospital and provided them with snacks and drinks! #servinghumanity #lendingahand #ISSOSEVA

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