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2017-11-23 22:38:45

Happy Thanksgiving! I️ hope everyone is having a great time with family & friends today. I️ feel like it’s been forever since I️ posted here – it’s good to be back.

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2017-11-23 16:24:20

When morning lights wakes you

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2017-11-23 13:49:07

Size comparison between Zeiss vs Samyang vs Sigma www.youtube.com/c/hrimages www.hrimages.com.au www.instagram.com/hr_images

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2017-11-23 12:11:37

This was a tight one, but got the new @sonyalpha #A7RIII just time for Nepal thanks to the helpful staff of @sonycenterlatvia. In fact, this is the very 1st body in Latvia! Will not have much time to get to know the thing (hello, airports!), but this will be one hell of a test for any camera for sure. Will take it through the dusty streets of Kathmandu and all the way up the Himalayas where it will have to cope with freezing nights shooting star timelapses, meet snow conditions on mountain passes and getting busted around the everyday reality of an adventure. It’s good to be back on fullframe, though, remember kids - camera ain’t the one taking the picture! 😉 #alphaddicted

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