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2017-11-20 12:08:39

Tag a friend who loves coffee ☕️ Photograph by @lydiaoey Part of my drawing on photos series

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2017-11-21 10:34:46

Turquoise shades 💦

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2017-11-21 21:00:26

Wet Paint 🎨

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2017-11-22 04:34:16

It’s a vibe 💥 #createdoniphone

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2017-11-22 00:22:49

Such a dope opportunity to #discoversomethingbetter with @silvercar and the squad over the weekend. I also discovered that I can’t sing as good as I can in the house, but that’s all good. #alphacollective#sonyalpha#streetdreamsmag

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2017-11-20 01:32:02

El Jacarandá en su punto mas alto 🚀🎉

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2017-11-20 12:43:07

But maybe it was never meant to take your breath away. Maybe it was always just there to let you breathe easy again. To remind you that with all great and imposing and terrifying things, there is always a moment of clarity. And you remember that with everything that’s ever threatened to crush you was a lesson that cradled you just the same. Like the way a warm night softens a summer storm. The soft patter of the sky on your skin. Perhaps it doesn’t need to take your breath away to change you, perhaps it just needs to give it back.

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