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2017-09-08 01:24:38

Quinze mêses de pura invergadura! #dogoargentino #dogofinstaworld #dogoargentinoworld #thedogopower @thedogopower

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2017-10-19 19:02:10

Shoutout to my dad for giving THE best head massages 🤤🙃 @rangeryoung

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2017-09-04 16:31:05

Mais uma integrante para a matilha. #dogoargentino #thedogopower #dogsofinstagram

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2017-08-22 09:20:41

After our 2hour morningwalk i just can't make it much further than the frontdoor 😥😴😴😴 #dogoargentino #dogoargentinoclub #dogoargentinogram #thedogopower @dogoofficalpage #sotired

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2017-10-19 16:00:46

I recall the condition of the contest: that for this we need to note in the comments under this photo three of our friends in instagrams👦👧👨, in as an example (@ 6ixlords) And in a week we randomly play three jerseys with Franky, among those who left a comment. Be happy and good luck to you smile😏

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