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2017-10-17 04:14:08

ROTATION • bra sätt att starta igång leder och muskler. Rotera mera. ⭐️ • • • #morgongympa #morningexersice #yogamom #yogarunner #runner #yoga #coffee #yogaeverydamnday #IMoveMe

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2017-10-17 00:21:09

It's been incredible to watch @SofiePhoenix starting to contemplate the world around her... the miracle of #universalconsciousness shining through right in front of our very eyes. She had a spark of presence the moment she was born, but now her conscious awareness is really starting to come through. Feeling very blessed to bear witness to this magical transformation of life. 🦋 Thank you for choosing us as your parents, little angel. We love you, mama & papa 🙏🏼

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2017-10-17 00:37:48

Ninja level 9000 🔥 @super_athletes @domitrick

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2017-10-16 18:48:05

#metoo Just so we're clear.... Your clothes aren't to blame. Rapists are. Your alcohol consumption isn't to blame. Rapists are. Your choice to walk home alone in a dark alley isn't to blame. Rapists are. You being alone with another person after a night out isn't to blame. Rapists are. Your choice to walk around butt ass fucking naked isn't to blame. Rapists are. You are not to blame. Rapists are. Comment 🙋 if you stand by this message.

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2017-10-17 00:41:57

"Relájate como has hecho antes y visualízate de pie bajo el sol. Siente la hierba bajo tus pies descalzos, percibe el perfume del aire, la calidad de la luz del Sol y la estación del año. Una ligera brisa ahora las hojas, las ramas y pide que aparezca tu Guardiana. Cuando bajas la mirada, ella está de pie frente a ti, presta atención a su aspecto. Siente una sutil aura de poder cuando la Guardiana te ofrece un objeto. En silencio, vez que trata de una bullidora miniatura de un edificio con forma de Cruz en cuyo centro hay una cúpula es de oro y está exquisitamente trabajado y adornado con piedras preciosas... Eres una mujer y todo lo que eso significa. Aceptas Tu cuerpo y confías en la naturaleza, y sabes que formas parte del mundo interior como exterior." Luna roja 🌿🦋🌎 #gratitude #love

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2017-10-17 02:12:13

I like Christmas more, but Halloween dress up parties are cool too. Follow 🇺🇸(@strait2school)🇺🇸

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2017-10-16 21:44:01

Yay new @teamallmax pre-workout #impactigniter don’t forget about my #LBDCONTEST giving away 6 bottles of them. Just post a picture doing your favorite workout and use the hashtag #lbdcontest and tag @teamallmax I’ll pick 6 winners by the end of the Day Wednesday #LBDBOOMERANG

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2017-10-16 16:54:54

Truth is in the earth. #truthflower #loveandalliscoming #yoga #nature #peace #beagoddess 📷 @veganorgy

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2017-10-17 04:14:15

JAoY - Just Offer Yourself - R. McDougal

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2017-10-17 04:14:05

Tagging my Superwoman @dorissdd to join me in this challenge 😉 #Repost @beahappyamy with @repostapp ・・・ 🎉CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT!🎉 . It's finally ready! #WEAREWARRIORSBC2 is under way. Join us for round 2 with our new team of warriors as we share what makes us strong and empowering yogi! . We are warriors because… No matter where you are in life, everyone has fought a battle to become who we are today. It doesn't matter how defeated you feel, there is always a chance for victory. This challenge is about celebrating our uniqueness and the journeys we surpassed to become that. Every life is worth celebrating, and together we can remind each other of how special we are. Please join us by posting your version of the day's pose, along with some words about how you empowered yourself that day. . . . 🔥Hosts🔥 @kitty._.dang @mrs_khaleesi_gaither @annphuong_ @mollycatherineyoga @hana_bladh @beahappyamy @susievanessayoga @shiniyogi . 🔥Sponsors🔥 @nuxactive @liforme @yourbhondhu @threeminuteegg @prana @yoga_democracy @yogaclubbox . . 🔥Poses by day 🔥 1. child pose 2. dancer 3. any splits 4. forward fold 5. handstand 6. headstand 7. pincha 8. sugar cane 9. camel 10. crow 11. any warrior . . **** 🔥How to Play🔥 How to join: 1. Repost this flyer and tag a friend you think is a warrior to join us. 2. Post daily the pose or a modification/pose inspired by the hosts daily with the hashtag #wearewarriorsbc2 3. Follow all the hosts and the sponsors and tag them in your posts 4. Have FUN! Be POSITIVE! Support one another! #yoga #tonedgirls #yogapractice #yogi #yogini #yogagirl #yogainspiration #thisisyoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #fitspo #fitgirl #fitfam #gymrat #fitness   #yogaeverywhere #style #yogaholic #fitnessaddict #sofayoga #workout #exercise   #goodvibes #yogachallenge #igyogachallenge

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2017-10-16 23:32:47

Throwback Monday? Pregaming with likeminded people @theoxfordsd 👌🏽⌚️👑 #rolex #hulk #submariner #gmtmaster #bluesy

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