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2017-11-14 22:08:09

@cameraismyeye here with another dazzling shot. This right here is a 10 billion star hotel. Have you seen the milkyway with your own eyes before? • • • • • #exploretocreate #milkyway #star #mountains #nature

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2017-11-14 17:23:05

Hey all, @cameraismyeye here! This is what happens when the last sunlight shines through the fog. • • • • • #fog #sunlight #sunset #lake #exploretocreate

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2017-11-14 04:49:20

Hey guys @RyanResatka here with my third and final photo of this takeover. I would say droning in the Northeast during peak fall season was quite epic. Literally every time you flew up to get a higher perspective the forests looked like Fruity Pebbles 😳 Thank you @TheVisualsCollective for showingcase my work to the Squad! Cheers! • • • • • #tone #fall #drone #river #color #exploretocreate

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2017-11-13 22:18:14

Hey y'all @RyanResatka here again with my second post of this fall takeover. This place is easily one of Vermont's most photographed spots. There's probably nothing more autumn than a crisp October morning at the Sleepy Hollow Farm. #FallVibes #exploretocreate #fall #farm

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2017-11-13 16:07:49

Hey guys @RyanResatka here taking over the account for the day. I will be showing you some of my photos that I took during peak fall foliage in New Hampshire and Vermont. This first photo was taken at Artists Bluff. I actually decided to mirror flip the image because I was curious as to what it would look like. Pretty stoked with the result 🤘🏼 • • • • • #fall #exploretocreate #trees #lake #color #nature

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2017-11-13 04:43:42

@twiiler back again with my final image this was taken at my favorite beach in the world. Black sands, tall peaks, and ice cold water is the perfect combination. Thanks everyone for checking out my work. • • • • • #ocean #sea #sand #waves #mountains

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2017-11-13 00:50:11

Hi there @twiiler here again for my second post. These are some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe reaching a whopping 1972ft. • • • • • #cliff #fog #cloud #sea #ocean #mood

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2017-11-12 16:53:52

Hi there @twiiler here taking over this account. This first image was taken at my favorite place along the rugged coast of Ireland during a storm that brought winds of 180km. • • • • • #ireland #ocean #waves #nature #exploretocreate

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2017-11-12 06:25:03

Another beaut from @jeraldmcdermott. Here is what he has to say about this shot, “One of the best overnights from the summer, we slept on the porch of the fire lookout and woke up to this sunrise. My friend Adam climbed over on those rocks and I knew the shot would look crazy. The colors from this sunrise were unreal, pinks, reds, oranges, yellows and blue clouds. Probably one of the best from the summer.” • • • • • #mountains #peak #sunrise #exploretocreate #view

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2017-11-12 00:26:14

@formgestalter - “A sea of clouds crashing against the massive coastline during sunset - what a perfect combination. I took this shot while flying with my drone over the north shore of the island of Madeira. Madeira is a portuguese archipelago situated in the north atlantic ocean and well know for its beautiful flora and fauna.” • • • • #clouds #feature #mountains #sky #exploretocreate

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2017-11-11 17:41:08

Absolutely insane scale from @cameraismyeye! He says, “I don't go on the highest mountain to be seen by the world, but to see the world.” • • • • • #mountains #vsco #exploretocreate #top #clouds

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2017-11-11 03:20:44

Some moody snags by @hannesstier. Tomorrow our theme for posts will be mountain top shots! So be sure to tag us in your Mountain peak posts and captions! Also - new presets available on the site! • • • • • #moodygrams #cabin #exploretocreate #friday #lake

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